:: Ingredients
Urad dhal- 2 cups washed & drained
Par boiled rice- 4 cups (washed & drained)
Salt to taste
Baking Soda- 2 tsp.
Oil- 3 tsp.

:: Method
Soak urad dhal & rice separately for about 6 hours. Drain the excess water. Grind
the rice into a coarse paste by adding some water. Then grind the urad dhal
separately into a smooth paste. Mix both the ground paste together and add salt
to taste.
Cover and keep in a warm place overnight to ferment. Next day, add the baking
soda and mix well.
Grease the idli plates with little oil and pour 2 tablespoons of the idli batter in
each mould. Pour a cup of water in a pressure cooker and place the idli moulds in
it. Steam cook for 15-20 minutes. To check whether it is cooked or not, touch one
of the idlis with your finger if it comes out clean its cooked. Remove them using a

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