Tandoori Chicken

Chicken legs, thighs and drumsticks attached – 4 (About 2 1/4 lbs)
Lemon juice – 1 tblspoon
Yellow food coloring – 1 teaspoon
Red food coloring – 1/2 teaspoon
Ground coriander – 1 &1/2 tblspoon
Paprika – 1 tblspoon
Ground cumin – 1 tblspoon
Salt – 1 teaspoon
Plain yogurt – 1 1/4 cup
Grated fresh ginger – 1 tblspoon
Garlic paste – 1 teaspoon
Ghee / vegetable oil – 1/4 cup
Cut skin of chickes leg, lengthwise. Remove and discard skin. Mix lemon juice and yellow and red food coloring in cup. Brush chicken with mixture to coat. Mix coriander paprika, cumin and salt in cup. Sprinkle mixture over chicken in shallow glass bowl , turning chicken and spreading spices to evenly coat. Mix yogurt, ginger and garlic in a small bowl. Pour yogurt mixture over chicken, turning pieces to coat. Marinate, covered, in refrigerator, turning pieces occasionaly, 4 to 6 hours. Let chicken stand in marinade, covered, at room temprature 1 hour before cooking. Heat oven to 500F. Remove chicken from bowl, shaking off as much as marinade as possible. Place chicken in single layer in a greased shallow baking pan; Brush chicken with 2 tblspoon ghee. Bake chicken 12 minutes. Turn pieces over; brush with remaining 2 tblspoon ghee. Continue baking until chicken is cooked through and tender, about 15 minutes longer. Serve immediately.

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