A bengali recipe which is Dal cook with fish’s head.

A head of Rohu fish – 200gm
Yellow Moong dal – 500gm
whole jeera – 2tsp
bay leaf – 2no.s
chopped tomato – 1cup
jeera pw – 2tsp
termaric pw – 2tsp
salt – as taste
sugar – 1tsp
oil – 1/4thcup
1.Fried the dal and then boiled with salt and termaric pw.2.Marinate the head with salt and termaric pw and then fried it.3.Heat a pan,add oil.4.Now add jeera and bay leaf.5.Add chopped tomato,jeera pw,and lastly broken head.6.Mix them all with masalas.7.After that add the cook dal and turned to boil.8.Serve hot with rice.

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