Mag ni Dal

Mag ni Dal is a very traditional simple dish enjoyed by a whole lot of Indians. Don’t miss the garlic! Tastes best when hot. Enjoy!!!

oil – 1/2 table spoon
Black mustard seeds – 1/2 teaspoon
Hing – a pinch
Curry leaves – medium sized – 4 to 5
Garlic – 4 medium sized cloves – you may also use garlic paste
Turmeric –
Red chilli powder – Alternatively, use green chillies
Curds – preferably, not sour – 2.5 – 3.5 tablespoons
Salt –
Mag – 1 1/2 small katori
Tomatoes – 2 small
Onions – 1 medium
Cilantro for garnishing –
Water –

Chop the garlic – fine pieces Chop the tomatoes – fine pieces Chop the onion Chop the cilantro – fine Wash the mag Heat the oil in a vessel. Add mustard and hing. When the mustard starts to split/ hing starts to move towards the rims, add the garlic and mix the stuff. After about 15 seconds, add the curry leaves. If the mustard seeds are splitting and flying, cover the vessel with a lid and reduce the flame. Add onions and raise the flame a bit. Cook till the onions are golden brown in color. After 45 seconds to a minute, add the tomatoes and mag and raise the flame a bit more. Add some water depending on how thick or thin you want the dal to be. Add salt – remember that the tomatoes and onions will give off some water – so think about this in the previous step. Cover the vessel with a lid and heat till the dal is almost cooked. Add turmeric and chilli powder. Add the curds. After some time reduce the flame. After some time, put the flame out. Garnish Add cilantro on top. Do not mix in the dal. Serving If thick dal, serve in a thali, if medium thick dal, serve in a katori. Will go well with chapati, kadak tandoori roti, plain steamed rice ** Good food habits – have oil with low cholesterol content and low saturated fat content *** Cooking tip – Broken mag will cook faster than whole mag.

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